Cropping is often necessary when ordering prints and many photo products, as the desired print size doesn't always match the aspect ratio of the photograph. For example if you order a 10x10 inch print from a photo that is formatted at 11x14 inches, some of the image would need to be cropped.  Think of it as printing a wide rectangular image into a square shaped print.

Zenfolio offers a cropping solution built in to the ordering process. Before an order can be completed you will be prompted to confirm cropping.

Cropping options:

Centered (may trim some parts of the image)
Fit, and do not crop (may leave white margins)
Manual - allows you to manually crop the image into the print
Note: The default cropping setting is Centered.

In the Shopping Cart, click on the Thumbnail preview for the image you would like to crop. A pop-up window will load with the cropping options.
Click Center to center the image into the print. Click Rotate to rotate the image.
You can also choose to manually crop the image. Use the Zoom slider to zoom in and out of the image.
Edit the cropping applied to the image by dragging the corners of the orange rectangle.
Click Save or Save and Close. You will be returned to the shopping cart. Repeat for other images if necessary.
Shopping Cart Cropping
Please Note: Everything within inner rectangle that is inside of the orange rectangle will be printed. The areas outside of inner rectangle but just inside the orange borders of the rectangle are likely to be printed but may be cropped out during the printing process.

Critical parts of the image (such as the head of the subject) must be contained within inner rectangle inside of the orange rectangle.

Matthew Loscialo Photo Mug

For full instructions on configuring your products before checkout please see this link here Adjusting Products In Your Cart